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See how we've helped Sheffield Teaching Hospitals save up to £1 million per year

Improving patient outcomes while reducing cost

Netcall Patient Hub is a multi-channel, digital appointment and reminder solution, which improves patient experience and attendance rates whilst gaining valuable insights, achieving compliance and increasing cost efficiency.

With over 100 million NHS hospital appointments made every year imagine the potential savings by shifting the majority of your patients to an online self-service portal.

Picture a situation where you can reduce your costs by up to 80% by eliminating paper, print and postage costs for hub patients.

For patients that don’t access the hub, a paper-based letter can still be sent automatically in the traditional way.

See how Sheffield Teaching Hospitals cuts missed appointments to deliver annual savings of up to £1 million. 

See Patient Hub in action

We will demonstrate how it will help your hospital improve the patient experience, revolutionise your appointment management process and significantly reduce your ongoing costs.

Read more about the specific benefits Patient Hub offers your patients and staff below, and watch the video to see it in action.

Secure login and access to appointment details

Patients are sent an SMS and or email giving them a link to securely log into the hub using two-factor authentication. Once in, they can see any upcoming appointments and decide to Accept, Rebook or Cancel. If required they can also print a copy of the appointment letter and see an interactive map showing the location of the hospital.

Information relating to your appointment

Once the appointment has been accepted, patients are then presented with more information relating to their specific appointment

  • Pre-op information
  • Questionnaires
  • Information about the specific department
  • Where to go on arrival
  • Option for getting to the hospital and where to park

Secure 2-way messaging

Clinicians can initiate 2-way conversations with patients. They can send them:

  • Documents relating to their treatment
  • Assessments or questionnaires
  • Discharge or copy letters
  • Videos explaining their upcoming procedure
Secure login and appointment details
Information relating to your appointment
Secure 2-way messaging

cost savings

  • Every 10% of bookings/reminders converted to the hub could save hundreds of thousands each year
  • Inbound/outbound calls are significantly reduced freeing staff for other tasks
  • Streamline processes and get better clinic utilisation through rapid responses to confirmations, rebooking’s and cancellations

Secure digital communications

  • Confirm, Rebook or Cancel appointments
  • Pre-op assessments
  • Discharge questionnaires
  • Copy letters
  • Patented “Call Me Back” technology allowing patients to request call-backs

One vendor, one platform

  • One unified platform that manages your appointments/reminders
  • Unified dashboard providing you with real-time analytics
  • Screen pop to ContactCentre agents with contextual information
  • Patented “Call Me Back” technology allowing patients to request call-backs

Move above and beyond compliance

  • Multi-channel Friends and Family Test
  • Intuitive “Survey Builder”
    • Manage patient surveys right from pre-assessments through to discharge
    • Create and deliver internal questionnaires
    • Full set of reporting and analytics
  • HL7 support

Security and governance is key

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Accredited for:
    • HSCN
    • Cyber Essentials plus
    • IG Toolkit L3
    • Medical Interoperability Gateway
  • Allows for GDPR compliance
  • Supports Trust defined retention policies for data

Agile solutions for
agile development

  • Built on award-winning Low-code technology
  • 5-10 times faster than traditional development processes
  • Add additional Accelerator solutions at a touch of a button.
  • Tailored to your needs by supporting both cloud and hybrid models

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