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Low-code provides all the components you need to build, deploy and improve business applications without coding. By using its drag-and-drop interface, you can create, deploy and improve digital apps faster and cheaper than you ever thought possible.

Using Low-code and a library of templates, we have created a web portal. In this demo we watch how a citizen reports a concern (e.g. pothole)  and then we follow the process step-by-step on the agent dashboard, including multichannel contact handling and the administration.


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See the web interface from the customer's point of view. We show you the customer dashboard and how to report a pothole.
Here we view the web interface on a mobile device and go through the benefits of using a native iOS or android app.
See the interface from the agent's view. We look at the customer service's dashboard and how to update a case.
We look at the options available to you from an admin perspective, as well as demonstrating some of the reporting capabilities.
Finally we look at how this can integrate with Liberty ContactCentre. We show how a call coming in can screen pop onto the agent's view and how to log interactions against cases.

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