What is Low-code and why is it important? 

Netcall and MatsSoft join forces!

You may have heard the news that Netcall and MatsSoft have joined forces. You may also know that MatsSoft is a powerful "Low-code" platform vendor. But what is Low-code? And why does Netcall believe this new wave technology is so important for our customers? 

Below we have a useful guide, video and press release to help answer any questions... 

The freedom to deliver superior

service with Low-code

In this guide, we explain how new technologies can improve the most important
processes in your organisation: the ones that help you win, serve and retain customers. 

Discover the MATS platform

If you're focused on process excellence for
customer experience improvement, then according
to Forrester, you should be considering Low-code
development platforms.

Drive digital transformation and improve

customer experience

Netcall and Low-code software provider
MatsSoft join forces to help organisations
drive digital transformation.

Low-Code "pioneer", MatsSoft, is the only vendor to be included in
both Business Developer and AD&D Pro categories in the Forrester landscape 2017

MATS provides all the components you need to build, deploy and improve business apps without coding.

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