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Take the digital innovation into your own hands. We have compiled the presentations from our most recent events into short webinar recordings for you.

Dr. Andrew Larner, Chief Executive of the not-for-profit social enterprise, iESE. kicks things off below by discussing how innovation is now the day job.


Innovation in your hands

Continue below to see how Low-code offers you a new opportunity to accelerate digital transformation in the public sector:

A new opportunity, Netcall's Citizen Hub. Offering your service delivery needs of tomorrow, today. Helping you to become fit for the future and balance political and citizen led pressures.  
A tale of two councils. View the two very different stories, two of Netcall's customers embarked on using Low-code to transform internal and external service delivery. 
Low-code brings scale and speed to digital processes and development. Simple to use, agile and scalable - it might just be the most effective way to build digital capacity and digitise services.
Facing a challenging, and importantly, uncertain future landscape - new public sector solutions must be both flexible to adapt to change. But also cost-effective.  Learn more on the business case for Low-code.
Are you trying to forge a new path, only with an old map? It's not just emerging technologies that have an impact on digital transformation. New ways of working help you to become citizen-centric by default. 
Digital transformation is a journey. One which we have also been on, to support our customers. Learn more about how we share the same vision, values and goals as our clients. 

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