Easier done than said - MATS V10.3 is the Low-code platform for business and IT developers.

Meet MATS 10.3. The latest version of our Low-code platform that unleashes a new wave of functionality. This new release allows people to more easily deploy Low-code and supports users in managing their team.

Plus you can fast-track selected changes from the Build environment into production and the new Modules feature has the potential to dramatically change how applications are built. 

Gain faster, more cost-effective digital transformation.

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MATS Low-code – faster, better business applications. Built by you.

MATS is every transformation leader’s dream. Think of a digital product, service or process and you (yes, you!) can prototype, launch and refine it using a Low-code platform.

Version 10.3 improves the experience for those creating, delivering and benefiting from end-user services. With a whole host of new features including modules, snapshots, user privileges and much more. Learn all about it in our 10.3 webinar available on the link below. 

Explore the capabilities of MATS 10.3. 

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MATS is an easy-to-use Low-code platform that helps organisations deliver new services for customers, improve CX and open up new revenue streams, with low risk investment. Version 10.3 focuses on collaboration and integration for both business and technical users to build more advanced apps, with clearer insight and speed. 

What's new in MATS V10.3

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Merged snapshots
Fast-track selected changes from the build environment into production 

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Package up a specific set of components or features and share it with other applications and community members

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User privileges 
Control what some users within a role can see, as well as actions they are able to perform 

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More integration options
A generic SOAP adapter, new on-premise adapter and REST endpoints expand integration options

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers say

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"MATS is a great platform to build on, and the company is very responsive."

Adur & Worthing

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"Using MATS is a massive step change. It's a massive opportunity to empower our business partners to become 'change' agents."

Network Rail